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Jewish Lunar Calendar Printable Template [PDF, Word, Excel]


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The Jewish Lunar Calendar, also known as the Hebrew Calendar or Jewish Calendar, is a calendar system traditionally... Read more

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The Jewish Lunar Calendar, also known as the Hebrew Calendar or Jewish Calendar, is a calendar system traditionally used by the Jewish people for religious, cultural, and historical purposes. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, which is a solar calendar, the Jewish Lunar Calendar is based on the lunar cycle, with months determined by the phases of the moon.  

Printable Jewish New Year Calendar Template PDF, Word, Excel

Here are key features and characteristics of the Jewish Lunar Calendar: 

  • Lunar Months: The Jewish calendar consists of 12 or 13 lunar months in a year, each beginning with the appearance of the new moon. These months alternate in length, with common years having 12 months and leap years having 13 months. A lunar month is approximately 29.5 days long. 
  • Leap Years: To align the lunar calendar with the solar year, a leap month, called Adar II (or Adar Sheni), is added in a leap year.  
  • Months and Their Names: The months of the Jewish calendar and their names are as follows: 
  • Nisan (or Nissan) 
  • Iyar 
  • Sivan 
  • Tammuz 
  • Av 
  • Elul 
  • Tishrei (or Tishri) 
  • Cheshvan (or MarCheshvan) 
  • Kislev 
  • Tevet 
  • Shevat 
  • Adar (or Adar I in a leap year), with Adar II in leap years. 
  • New Year: The Jewish New Year, known as Rosh Hashanah, marks the beginning of the civil year in the Jewish calendar.  
  • Religious Significance: The Jewish calendar is of significant religious importance for Jewish festivals, holidays, and observances.  
  • Sabbath: The Jewish Sabbath, or Shabbat, begins at sundown on Friday and ends at nightfall on Saturday.  
  • Kiddush Hachodesh: The declaration of the new moon, known as "Kiddush Hachodesh," was historically used to determine the beginning of the months in ancient times. 
  • Agricultural Cycle: The Jewish calendar has historical ties to agricultural cycles in ancient Israel, with certain holidays and observances linked to agricultural events and harvests. 
  • Cultural and Historical Observance: Beyond its religious significance, the Jewish calendar also plays a vital role in marking historical and cultural events and commemorations within the Jewish community. 
  • Lunisolar: The Jewish calendar is considered a lunisolar calendar because it combines elements of both lunar and solar calendars.  
  • Complex Calculations: The determination of leap years and the scheduling of Jewish holidays involve complex mathematical and astronomical calculations, often performed by religious authorities. 

In summary, the Jewish Lunar Calendar is a calendar system used by the Jewish community to determine the timing of religious holidays, observances, and cultural events. It is based on lunar months, with adjustments to ensure alignment with the solar year. This calendar has been an essential aspect of Jewish religious and cultural life for centuries. 

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Jewish Lunar Calendar Printable Template [PDF, Word, Excel]